[!!!] The MEDIA TEAM needs your help + Jun. K, Junho & Chan Bday Project Info

Hi Members!

We hope you had a lovely time with your family, friends or by yourself during the holidays. Thank you for your continued support to the forums and the boys the past year. We hope that this year, you’ll continue to support the boys wherever they may be promoting and possibly, be more active on the forums. \o/

Well, enough stalling. There’s really no other way to say this but our first and main mediafire account was suspended last night. Which means most video and other file downloads available on the forums are dead. In the next few weeks, the team will try and re-upload most, if not all of the files. We hope you will be patient and help us find possible dead links by reporting it here. With mediafire gone, we’re also looking for another possible site that can host our files. If you have suggestions please tell us by replying to this post. If you’re not a member of the forums send us a message via our ask page or e-mail us at wildtwoday@gmail.com. For now we’re leaning towards filefactory ($12 for 30 days, $29 for 90 days, $49 for 180 days, $79 for a year and $129 for 2 years) or rapidshare (30 days for only 9.90 €, 150 days for 29.90 € and 2 years for 99.90 €.). We will be registering for pro/premium this time so if you have a few $$$ to spare, your donations will be appreciated.


  • To donate, click here or send it directly to our paypal account: w2ddonations@gmail.com. Please include a note with your forum username. Remember there is a $10 minimum!
  • To learn about your benefits as a donor, click here!
  • Goal: no exact amount. Just however much we’ll collect and we’ll cover the rest.

For Jun. K, Junho and Chansung’s upcoming birthdays, we won’t be doing projects for them. But we’ll list up sites that are currently accepting donations and gifts for the boys. If you want to donate and receive forum donor benefits, you may donate here or send it directly to w2ddonations@gmail.com. Please include a note saying who it’s for and we’ll send all the donations we get to one of the sites listed below. Remember to read the full info before sending your donations!

Jun. K:

  • DAEGUTANG (Junsu.kr) - Paypal account is moonbath@naver.com. Full info here (you need to be logged in). If you’re not a member of the site here’s a screencap of their post.
  • ROMANTIC SOUND (http://19880115.co.kr/) - Paypal account is copolymer7@gmail.com. Full info here.
  • Junkaystreet (http://junkaystreet.tk/) - Paypal account is inurarfah@gmail.com. Full info here.



  • None yet. But Chansung Union/Gongdoha is accepting donations for their second project to support Chansung on his upcoming drama ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’. Their paypal account is chansungunion@gmail.com. For more info on the project, go here. If you want to be updated with their possible Chansung birthday project, follow @chansung_union and @_gongdoha on twitter.

Thank you everyone! 

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You may also send your application here. :)

You may also send your application here. :)

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[W2D] 121020 SBS Gag Tonight Chansung Cut [Eng Subbed]

Available for download to donors here. The file will be available for members with 30 posts++ in 2 days.

[W2D] 120508 2PM&2AM Wander Trip Ep 6 [Eng Subbed]

[W2D] 120716 NHK 2PM’s One Point Korean Lesson #15 [Eng Subbed]

#2pm #w2d

[W2D] 120502 2PM&2AM Wander Trip Ep 5 [Eng Subbed]

[W2D] 120604 NHK 2PM’s One Point Korean Lesson #9 [Eng Subbed]

#2pm #w2d

[W2D] 120423 2PM&2AM Wander Trip Ep 4 [Eng Subbed]

[W2D] 120422 MBC Section TV - Mr. Pizza CF BTS [Eng Subbed]